Collaborative Divorce

Avoid the courtroom drama

Divorce doesn’t need to be a blood-thirsty battle of wills. Given the chance, it can be a mature, productive process that supports and lifts up both sides of a separating couple.

Collaborative divorce is a process that enables clients and their lawyers to bypass traditional court-mandated proceedings, and instead resolve their differences through dialogue in an informal, supportive, and professional environment. A member of Family Divorce Solutions, Donna is a devoted advocate of collaborative divorce and its constructive benefits to her clients.

Collaborative divorce offers:

  • Dignity: Preserves respect among family members and cultivates a culture of tolerance.
  • Customization: Breaks away from strict court mandates and tailors your resolution to your family’s unique needs.
  • Peace of mind: Saves time and money, and reduces your stress with informal, flexible meetings, rather than  rigid depositions, interrogatories, and formal court appearances.

Collaborative divorce lets you avoid the courtroom drama, while limiting the red tape and the strife that often accompanies divorce proceedings. It opens the door for an informed discussion, so you can both continue to move forward, rather than dwell in the past.

Talk to Donna to see if collaborative divorce is a good option for you.

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